Hydra Shower Burst, Lavender

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  • Shower Bursts deliver amazing aromatherapy while you shower. Made with all-natural ingredients and pure essential oils, they are a fun and unique way to enjoy aromatherapy every day.
  • Unwind with calming Lavender & Bergamot.
  • Lavender essential oil has a sweet, herbal aroma with soft underlying florals. Lavender has calming, rejuvenating effects and is an amazing natural antiseptic and antibiotic.
  • Bergamot essential oil has a soft, citrusy aroma. Bergamot has a calming effect on ¬†brain waves, allowing you to forget your troubles and just enjoy the moment.
  • To use, unwrap Shower Burst and place on a dish or in a sachet. Wet briefly to activate. Enjoy for multiple showers and re-wet each time
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